Saturday, November 25, 2017

Breezing By Table of Contents

So, my story "Breezing By" is divided not just into chapters, but timestamps.  Each timestamp was meant to mark off a different kink or significant portion of the absolute marathon of scenes that Yin and Sean share together.  As such, I thought a table of contents would be helpful.  Arguably, there are spoilers here.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Customer Servant

Welcome to the first fictional story that I am posting here rather than EMCSA!  Please also enjoy my story "Tigress and Pup" published there today.

EMCSA tags: mc mm rb ex

Summary: Andrew and Levente pop into a 24-hour superstore sometime past midnight.  Levente just bought a new toy, and Andrew rather enjoys being a robot and getting upgraded with a few “extras”...

Content Note: robot play, subtle public play, remote control sex toys, male/male (both characters are transgender), D/s, mantra type phrases being repeated, sexualized objectification and dehumanization

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Party Toy: Chronological Take

So, "Party Toy" is a bit of an experimental story.  While I consider the version on the EMCSA to be the "true" version of the story, I felt that it would be both interesting (and beneficial for some people) to post a more straightforward version.  

Like the version the EMCSA:  this story's content includes verbal degradation, sexual objectification, more literal objectification, bimbofication, memory manipulation, and some brief touches on various other kinks, including consensual abduction, cock and ball torture, age play, and firecupping.  

Also, if you read both versions, please leave a comment on this blog post letting me know which you prefer! 


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Math is Hard Commentary

Hey!  This is my first post of commentary on the stories I've been writing.  Do I think I've yet earned the right to do this kind of commentary?  Yes, because I have thoughts and a blog to publish them on and that is how free speech works. :)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Been a few days over a year...

Hey all.  Back again.

I have been kind of off since my last blog posts hereabouts.  My life has been either in major upheaval or a repetitive rut in the time since - neither of which is particularly conducive to writing posts for this blog.

Oddly, the hypnokink side of my life has continued to go very well.  It seems my energy for sex blogging comes from having things other than sex and kink going well for me.

OK, the major updates:

  • Daja - whom I mentioned in a previous post - has become my girlfriend and my submissive/pet.  She and I are quite head-over-heels in love with one another, and she has made my life so much better.  
  • Nine and I are still going strong.  We've had to re-negotiate a relationship thing or two, but we're still boyfriend and girlfriend and still doing well.  
  • Grayson broke up with me a while back  (about a month after my last blog post, actually).  We parted on amicable terms and are still friends.  
  • Obtuse Acutie and I re-negotiated, and our relationship is now in a far more nebulous place - we have both changed and grown to the point where a boyfriend/girlfriend label on the relationship felt off. 

On a note more related to sex blogging - I am now being blogged about even as my own blogging is hitting a turning point: 

  • sleepingirl posted another scene log about me a ways back.  It's pretty good, and a scene that I personally treasure the memory of.  
  • Ms. Mesmer has also written a few awesome scene logs about me.  
  • Serena, who has become my submissive in the time I haven't been blogging, also has a blog, and I am the only person she has so far written about scening with.  
  • And of course, my beloved Daja posts about me here and there.  

As you'll see if you decide to check out Ms. Mesmer's and Serena's blogs, I've suddenly gotten quite into bimbofication, despite noting at an earlier time that it's not my favorite thing.  That'll merit a blog post at some point, if I can get myself to write it.  (I've actually written it, more or less, but I am not happy with it yet.)

I have also started writing fiction!  Simply put, writing scene logs has lost a lot of its appeal to me.  There are some amazing scenes that I have had that I would still like to put down on paper some day, or at least hot moments.  For now, however, I will dedicate myself a bit more to fiction, because I am feeling very inspired in that direction.

This blog will still be around, and I intend to post a few times!  Partly because I'm dying to write up some commentaries for the aforementioned fiction.  And who knows...maybe the scene log bug will bite me again. :)  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trance Duel

This scene log comes from my escapades in the Hypbook chatroom, involving chat regulars (and my friends) Solarrianne, Skyla, and my pet Daja.  

Content: D/s, switch fight, resistance play

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Losing Battle

Here's a scenelog written up by my boyfriend, Grayson. Nine declared it the hottest thing she's ever read. I happen to like it a lot, and hope y'all do, too.

Content: m/m, D/s, humiliation and degradation, chloroform roleplay via hypnotic suggestion, hypnotic subspace, impact play, hair pulling, freezing.